Printer setup

We got a new Xerox network printer at work a few months back. I haven’t had that much use for it, so I never bothered setting it up on my computer. People around me, using Macs and Windows, were complaining that it was hard getting it to work, and some never managed to get it to work.

Knowing that Macs use the same printing system as Ubuntu, I assumed that this would be complicated as well, so I had postponed it for some time. This week I finally got to setting it up, and it was really simple.

I didn’t have to enter any information at all, it was just a matter of clicking four buttons.

Start the printers control panel from the System menu. This reveals the following window:

Skjermdump-Skriverkonfigurasjon - localhost

  1. Click the “new” button (“Ny” in Norwegian).  This revealed the following window:

    Skjermdump-Ny skriver

  2. You don’t have to enter anything, just click “Forward” (“Framover” in Norwegian). The configuration wizard then asks you to verify some settings, like the name of the printer:

    Skjermdump-Ny skriver-1

  3. Still, no need to change anything. Just click “Use” (“Bruk” in norwegian)

    Skjermdump-Vindu uten tittel

  4. Now click “Yes” if you want to see the glorius and colorful ubuntu test page coming from your printer.

That’s it. Who said Linux where complicated?

I later used the information revealed by the Ubuntu (and Fedora) printer configuration tool to help out my collegues figure out how to set up the printer on a Mac, and in Windows Vista.