FreeBSD logo unavailable for BSD and Linux users

I’ve been planning the posters for the BLUG last thursday meetings this spring. So far I’ve been working on the poster for the meeting about EasyPeasy in january. At the time I didn’t have the easypeasy logo in vector graphics, which clearly is visible on the printouts of the posters. They became somewhat pixelated.

So, I decided to find out if there was a vector based logo for FreeBSD, which our meeting in april is about. Their logo is appearantly created in Adobe Illustrator, because they provide the logo in two formats, ai and svg.

Great, they have the logo in SVG, I thought. That would make it easy to work with it in Inkscape. Sadly, no… The SVG they’ve provided doesn’t exactly match the actual FreeBSD logo.

Can you spot the difference?

The official FreeBSD logo
The FreeBSD logo in the SVG
The FreeBSD logo in the SVG

The reason I ask if you can spot the difference is that it appears that most people doesn’t, even experienced software testers replied to my tweet

Sigh… The FreeBSD logo is only available in vectorformats not viewable/editable on a BSD and Linux systems… You’ll need Adobe :-(

that the SVG opens fine in Inkscape. Sure the SVG opens in Inkscape, but as you can see above, it doesn’t look correct. But it seems that people are too eager to prove me wrong that they doesn’t see that the image rendered is in fact not the FreeBSD logo as it should be.

It could of course be that they have a different version of Cairo than I have, which is actually able to render the filters used in the SVG… If you get it to render correct, please tell me the version you have of Cairo and Inkscape.

I’ve now also confirmed that the Opera browser isn’t able to render the logo either. (v.10.10)


Solskogen found this SVG for me, which works fine… I still don’t get why they have a broken one on the freebsd website, though…