Filter buzz messages from your gmail inbox

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Google launched Google Buzz last week, there has been a lot of discussion about the privacy violations presented by buzz since then, but if you’re one of those who still has Buzz enabled, you might be interested in this little tip.

One thing many in my buzz-stream has been complaining about is that all replies on buzz’es you’ve commented on ends up in your inbox. This howto shows you how you avoid getting your inbox filled by buzz replies.

  1. Go to your Gmail inbox and click “create a filter”

    click 'create a filter'
    click ‘create a filter’
    • In the “Has the words”-field, enter “in:buzz”

      in the 'has the words'-field, enter 'in:buzz'
      in the ‘has the words’-field, enter ‘in:buzz’
      • Click “next step”
        (you will get a warning that this will never match incoming mail, but it seems to work for buzz)
      • Now select “Skip the inbox (archive it)”, and click “Create filter” (or apply whatever rules you want)

        Choose what you want to do with the incoming buzz'es
        Choose what you want to do with the incoming buzz’es

Now, enjoy your zero-inbox :)