Ubuntus new window buttons

Okay, so Ubuntu has moved the close, minimize and maximise buttons to the left. I know there’s been a huge controversy around this since one of the early alphas. Well, I don’t care so much about that. You get used to it after a while, the only problem I see is that there’s a lot going on around the close button, like the file menu, and if the window is maximized, the gnome-menu, so you might easily close a window accidentally.

That’s not the biggest problem with the design though, that is that the active area for the close button is bigger than the button itself. Look at the image below:

You might think that there’s a bit of titlebar to the left of the close-button, right? So you could think that you could click-and-drag here to move the window, right?

Well, if you try to do that, the window will close! The close button goes all the way to the edge of the window, even though it doesn’t look like it does.

I hope this will be fixed prior to release of the final version of Ubuntu 10.04