Installing Java in 20 easy steps

So, I want to get Java, for some reason. Here’s the process:


  1. Go to, and look for the java downloads
  2. give up, and in a desperate attempt go to There you’ll find the download
  3. choose the version you want
  4. choose the version you want again
  5. choose the package version you want
  6. accept the dialog that tells you that in order to download, you need to accept the license first
  7. accept the license
  8. choose the package version you want again
  9. register for Oracle Technology Network
  10. discover that Oracle doesn’t read RFC’s, and rejects your email address
  11. enter another email address, and re-type your password
  12. verify your email by clicking the link they sent you
  13. (step 2 of verifying your email) log in to OTN
  14. Find the tab you had the download waiting in, and try to log in there
  15. Discover that Oracle forgot that you just accepted the license.
  16. Try the back button to go back and accept the license again, only to discover that they have broken the back button.
  17. do over steps 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8.
  18. unpack the bin file containing the rpm
  19. accept the license again
  20. install the rpm.