Making eclipse Kepler and Luna work on Ubuntu

This is a «note to self and to anyone that could need it» post.

I’ve had troubles with Eclipse with some Ubuntu installations for some time. I even have had switched to other IDEs, but now I «needed» some plugins that exists for eclipse, so I decided to try to make it work.

The problem has been that it either just hangs (OpenJDK 7) or crashes (Oracle JDK 7) after 4 seconds. Before this problem I’ve also experienced mediocre to bad performance out of Eclipse on Linux.

Some Googling lead me to this post on Stack Overflow. And the accepted answer worked for me to get around the freeze/crash problem. It seems that it fails to detect which html/js rendering toolkit to use, and crashes when it tries to load HTML widgets.

So, the solution was to append


to eclipse.ini

Also, according to some discussion on Google+, removing the Memory limits and bumping MaxPermSize to atleast 512m should improve the performance.

Screenshot - 01. juli 2014 - kl. 12.39 +0200

And it seemed to do so on my system.