Installing Java in 20 easy steps

So, I want to get Java, for some reason. Here’s the process:   Go to, and look for the java downloads give up, and in a desperate attempt go to There you’ll find the download choose the version you want choose the version you want again choose the package version you want accept the dialog that tells you that in order to download, you need to accept the license first accept the license choose the package version you want again register for Oracle Technology Network discover that Oracle doesn’t read RFC’s, and rejects your email address enter another email address, and re-type your password verify your email by clicking the link they sent you (step 2 of verifying your email) log in to OTN Find the tab you had the download waiting in, and try to log in there Discover that Oracle forgot that you just accepted the license.

Round, Floor and Ceiling in Expression Language

Expression Language makes working with Java Server Pages a slightly less pain in the behind. But, its functionality is very limited, there is for instance no way to round off a number, neither as floor, ceiling or to the closest integer ?View Code JAVA Floor(foo) -> ${foo - ( foo % 1 ) } Ceiling(foo) -> ${foo + ( 1 - (foo%1)) % 1} Round(foo) -> ${foo +0.

Merging two lists

Lets say you have two lists, one of them containing the values [1,2,3] and the other one containing the values [4,5,6], and you want to combine these two lists into one list, like this one: [1,2,3,4,5,6]. Let’s see how this can be done in different (high level) programming (or scripting or templating) languages. Java Java has multiple list implementations, lets start with the most basic one, the builtin array.

Static typing VS. Unit tests

Okay. It’s kind of stupid to put static typing up against Unit tests. Even so, lots of people does so a lot of times in the discussion between dynamic and static programming languages.

Static typing provides you with a security net when it comes to typos. Alhough, it doesn’t give you any security against logical errors.

WeSIP – SIP application server

WeSIP seems like an interesting project, or at least there might be built lots of interesting applications on top of it. WeSIP is for SIP what Jboss, Tomcat and others are for HTTP. For the uninitiated, SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and is used to set up sessions for VoIP, games, IM and more. The SIP protocol is very similar to another successful protocol you might have heard of, http.

valgets kvaler

I morgen holder en kamerat (og kollega) av meg (Christer Solkogen) et foredrag om pakkesystemer i regi av BLUG. Det har jeg lyst til å få med meg, men jeg har også lyst til å få med meg JavaBin foredraget “Improving Test Maintainability” som hendig nok foregår på samme tidspunkt. Jeg har nok størst sosialt utbytte av å gå på BLUG-foredraget, men sannsynligvis størst intellektuellt utbytte av JavaBin foredraget. Hva skal jeg velge?

JavaBin 2. April 2008: Concurrency & performance

Foredragsholder: Kirk Pepperdine ( Kirks eget abstract for foredraget:   “Both Intel and Microsoft have recently said that we, as developers, need to start delivering more concurrency in our applications. What does this mean? How did we get to this point? In this talk, we will look at the trend towards more and more cores and and what this means for Java programmers. Can we expect that our Java applications will automatically take advantage of the extra processors, or will we need to become more aware of the hardware aspects of our system?

Fri programvare – pain solution?

Sun slipper Java under GPL

HOWTO: Java i firefox under Linux

Denne howtoen er noe utdatert

her er en nyere

Selvfølgelig, hvis du bruker Ubuntu Gutsy, alt du trenger å gjøre er å klikke her

Java er en av de innstikkene til Firefox som ikke kan istalleres med innstikk-behandleren i Firefox. Java-innstikket må installeres manuellt (eller gjennom systemets pakkesystem). Jeg vil her ta for meg hvordan en installerer dette på en RedHat-basert og en Debian-basert distribusjon. Framgangsmåten for Debian-baserte distribusjoner vil sannsynligvis fungere i alle typer distribusjoner, men jeg skriver Debian her fordi jeg bruker Ubuntu selv.

Edit(2006-06-25): I Ubuntu 6.06 kan Java installeres langt enklere, apt-get install sun-java5-plugin