[1 of 3] Updating your brightkite location using Google latitude

BrightKite is a service, much like twitter actually, but that uses your location to find interesting stuff. It could be a great tool to create ad-hoc gatherings of some group of people, for instance coders. If there were a lot of BrightKite users in Bergen for instance, I could leave a message on brightkite that I and some other Python coders were going for a beer at Henriks, and that any others that is interested could join if they wanted, together with the GPS coordinates for Henriks.

Flickr shortcode (and some nice HDR photos)

I like using creative commons photos from flickr as illustrations on my blog, however, I find it tedious to add all the metadata to satisfy the BY directive in the creative commons license in a consistent manner. Then it’s really nice that flickr has an API where I can automatically fetch that information. I use the shortcode feature of wordpress, so I can use ?View Code PHP [flickr url=”