Bluetooth reconnect script

I own a pair of BOSE QuietComfort 35 bluetooth headphones, which I use with both my laptop and my phone. This works great with Linux (not at all on Windows) but sometimes it takes a bit long for it to reconnect if I have moved out of reach for the laptop. (E.g. going for a cup of coffee). There are ways to force it to reconnect faster, using the bluetooth tray icon, but it involves clicking.

Scale the 1024x768 laptop display to something more reasonable

My laptop has a 1024x768 px display, but most software and webpages these days assumes that you have larger screens, with base font sizes of 16px and up. That’s great, but it makes my laptop display very cramped. Luckily xrandr in Linux lets you scale your display by some factor. By experimenting a bit, i found that a factor of 1.2 gives me lots of more space on the screen, while everyting is still looks fine.

Printer setup

We got a new Xerox network printer at work a few months back. I haven’t had that much use for it, so I never bothered setting it up on my computer. People around me, using Macs and Windows, were complaining that it was hard getting it to work, and some never managed to get it to work. Knowing that Macs use the same printing system as Ubuntu, I assumed that this would be complicated as well, so I had postponed it for some time.

ubuntu-user at Narvesen

When I’m travelling, I often visit the kiosks at the airport, to see what they have of intresting magazines, specially Linux and Digital Photography magazines. I was visiting Trondheim last weekend, and on the way back, while I were waiting for my plane back to Bergen, I was looking on the shelves at Narvesen at Trondheim airport, Værnes. There were actually a quite good choice of Linux magazines, and one specially catched my eye.

Linux som kreativ platform

Jeg prøver å dra i gang en foredragsserie for BLUG (Bergen Linux User Group), “Linux som kreativ platform“, innenfor rammene av BLUGs foredragsserie Last Thursday, som avholdes siste torsdag hver måned i skole-året (jan-mai, aug-nov) i Auditorium Pi på matematisk institutt. Jeg er på jakt etter folk som har erfaring med grafikk/lyd/video på linux, og som kunne tenke seg å holde foredrag om det. Målet med foredragsserien er å vise at Linux kan brukes til videoproduksjon, billedbehandling, 3D-modellering etc.


Ok. It has been a while since my last post, and quite a few things have happened since then, some of which I will get back to in some later posts. One of the things that have happened is that I attended the “Skolelinux developer summit” or Debian Edu developer summit here in Bergen, with the goal to do some real contribution to free software. I didn’t end up contributing any code at that event.

New howto: Using apache to create an authenticated proxy

Windows 7 or KDE 4?

Remix your Ubuntu – netbook style

I have a laptop with a rather low resolution screen. It is limited to 1024x768px, so I have had a bit of envy for the Ubuntu eee users that have a nice and practical user interface for smaller screens. I have for a while already removed the taskbar, since I realized that I didn’t use it that much, and it steals a whopping 24px of the vertical screenspace.

I discovered the netbook remix, that is the user interface in Ubuntu eee right after Ubuntu 8.10 was launched. I had already updated to 8.10, and the Netbook remix wasn’t available for 8.10 at the time.

Wasting my screen realestate

I installed Ubuntu 8.04 this week. Among the new features are a beta of the coming release of Firefox. It seems like some fine peace of software, but it continues the ever-growing wasting of screen realestate. I bought a new laptop a few weeks ago, and I wanted a small and portable one. In order to get that, I had to go down to a screen resolution of 1024×768. I was a bit afraid that this would be too little, but it has turned out fine.