Nytt bloggdesign


De observante der ute (og som ikke bare leser bloggen min fra rss-leseren sin) kan ha oppdaget at merkelappene på bloggpostene har fått et nytt utseende. Det begynte egentlig med at jeg så på en post jeg hadde skrevet og tenkte “Hm, de taggene der ser ikke ut som om de egentlig hører hjemme der”. Videre tenkte jeg, hva skal jeg gjøre for å få dem mer inn i det visuelle uttrykket på bloggen.

Blogging code

As a programmer and linux geek I often need, or at least want to write about code, scripts and commands on my blog, but as many of you know, displaying raw code in HTML is setting yourself up for failure. The simplest part of the problem is the fact that line breaks and whitespace might be significant, this is simply solved by putting the code inside a block. The more tricky part is that code often is full of characters like &, > and <.

WordPress 2.7 is out

WordPress 2.7 final was announced today. I just upgraded to wordpress 2.7. It took me about 30 seconds :D, thanks to svn switch. ?View Code BASH tar -czf backup.tar.gz mysqldump -u root -p – elblogg > backup.sql svn sw There! that’s it. 😀 Now, what’s my first impressions? It looks very nice It is VERY much slower than WordPress 2.6.5, that’s atleast my first impression.

One month of daily blogging

This post should really have been published yesterday, but I thought two posts on the same day was enough. So, the 5th of december was kind of a jubileeum for me, I then had blogged roughly one post each day for a month. Actually there have been 3 days without posts, one saturday and two sundays. But then again there have been 7 days with two posts. So, what have this done for me?

Upgraded to wordpress 2.6.5

with a

svn sw U wp-includes/post.php U wp-includes/version.php U wp-includes/feed.php U xmlrpc.php U wp-admin/users.php I just upgraded multiple blogs running WordPress 2.6.3 (hups… seems like i missed one release).

Here’s the release announcement edit Nope, the 2.6.5 release is the first release after 2.6.3… Note that we are skipping version 2.6.4 and jumping from 2.6.3 to 2.6.5 to avoid confusion with a fake 2.6.4 release that made the rounds.

New blogdesign


Just like that

How to make wordpress easy upgradeable

The first thing I have to say about this is keep your worpress up to date at all times! Skipping a release will not only make you vulnerable to hackers, but also make it more difficult to upgrade later. But this, of course is something you already know, lets see what we could do to make it easier to manage this. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a distribution system for wordpress?