Unit tests saves the day

Currently I’m developing a webservice interface for queue handling in Asterisk towards another company, that is developing a CRM solution which will utilize my webservice for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). So, today the developer in the other company got such an understanding of the service that he started suggesting changes. A lot of changes in the DTD etc. These changes would imply some changes in the architecture downwards in the system.

Should have guessed it

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with Python, the programming language. Coming from PHP and Java which both have excellent documentation, while lots can be said about the solutions. With Python 2.6 the documentation really has improved, but its still not really there, while the solutions are so elegant that the only reason you don’t guess how to do stuff is that it feels too simple. Today I had one of these realizations, while reading Wayne’s snippet of the day.

Python Magazine, the march issue

I’ve been a subscriber of Python Magazine since January, and I’ve bought every issue there are on PDF. It is a great magazine, and I would recommend it to every pythonista out there. No, strike that, make that every programmer out there. Because we want them all to be bitten by the snake don’t we? When people have asked me if there was anything I would complain about with the magazine, I’ve had to answer “That it takes so long time before the paper copy reaches me, that I’ve already read it all on PDF before”.

How (not) to write Unix Deamons (with python)


My bookshelf


Once I had this dream of beeing a professional developer. I do not dream of that anymore, if I dream of it, it would be a nightmare. This summer i have had a few programming projects and my income this summer is based on them. I want developing to be fun, not a job. It would be better if I had an office where I could get peace to the work, and a limited part of the day where I would have to worry about getting the project done.